Everything You Need To Know About Nordic Spa Experience

Once in a while, we all deserve to take a break. No wonder, we have more number of spas and massage centers than ever before. The best spas are usually designed to offer an experience. While you can always pay a visit and take a massage, it is also possible to spend an entire day at one of these places, enjoying a good brunch with the family. In recent years, Nordic spas have become the new trend. The concept comes from Europe for sure, but in Canada and many parts of the world, you will find some amazing options. If you plan to visit Spa scandinave Montréal, here’s more on what you need to know.

What’s the concept all about?

Nordic Spa, also called Scandinavian hydrotherapy, is an age-old means of relaxation, which typically involves a hot spa, followed by a cold dip and finally a relaxing massage. Most of the Scandinavian spas are located at beautiful places, where you get the experience of enjoying the spa and massage in a relaxing, natural environment. The concept of hot & cold therapy is nothing new to be precise, but it’s immensely beneficial for the body and has been in use in Nordic countries and parts of Europe for the longest time.

Benefits at a glance

In case of Nordic Spa experience, the body feels the sudden change in temperature, which causes the blood vessels to contract and also impacts the metabolic rate. It is now known that Nordic Spa is particularly beneficial for the immune system. Owing to the extreme sides of temperature, the therapy followed by the massage works ideally for the muscles and joints, and for those who are into sports and physical activities, this is the best way to ease body tension. The hot experience also works wonders for the skin, opening the pores to eliminate the toxins. After a Nordic spa, you are likely to see visible difference in the way your skin looks and feels, simply because the massage and thermal experience works jointly for the combined effect.

Booking an appointment

Many Nordic Spas have amazing packages and even beauty services that can be booked, and weekends are usually busy, so you may want to try a weekday trip. You can also consider getting a membership, which offers access to these services. One session of Nordic Spa once a month can be a good way to keep stress and tiredness at bay.